Acting mentally strong! Victory! Show your passion in YOUR TENNIS TOURNAMENT! But how can mental performance be scaled and transformed into an effective and fair form of feedback? The tool "Mental Scores", developed from practical experience, helps to achieve this.



With "mental scores" - consisting of three points of view - mental performances in a competition are considered and scaled. Thus it brings clarity and stability to mental performance and at the same time strengthens self-responsibility. Additional tips support the specific training and use of existing talents. The desired success will be achieved quickly and will remain sustainable.


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Differences in humans are in part due to different personalities. Through genetic dispositions and our experiences throughout life, e.g. in our childhood and youth, our brains are unique in the way they function. The functioning of our brain is fairly consistent throughout life and influences how we perceive the world, the decisions we make, and how we behave. Hence, the functioning of our brain defines our unique personalities.

Personality manifests itself in various mental aspects, depending on the unique functioning of our brain:

  • Underlying personality traits resulting from the characteristics of our central brain systems
  • Self-regulation competencies
  • Unconscious and conscious motives
  • Cognitive competencies
  • Interaction between cognitive systems and affects
  • Only about 5-15% of all processes in the brain take place in regions that allow for conscious processing